Monday, 11 October 2010

2010 CT RBRR

Well, now the 2010 run is over and we have all had time for reflection. It was a really good one! However there were some low points too.

We had a very bad journey to the start, due to bad weather and heavy traffic on the M4 and M25; it took us 3 hours to get from Reading to the Plough. (We're planning to go on Thursday night next time.)

We were away reasonably promptly and had a good run up the eastern side via Blyth, Edinburgh and Inverness to John O' Groats for breakfast. I always look forward to breakfast at the Seaview Hotel - they looked after us very well, as usual.

Janey by the last house

This was followed by a superb drive down the B871 and B873 to Altnaharra and the A836 to Lairg. We then stopped for a little breather overlooking Dornoch Firth.

What a view! At least the weather in the Scottish Highlands was good, and the scenery is superb - you can really appreciate it when the sun is shining.

The next bit wasn't so good - after the 'energetic' drive through the highlands a nasty vibration developed, which turned out to be the rear propshaft universal joint. There was no option but to change it - which we did in the car park at the lunch stop in Conon bridge. That took 2 hours, leaving us somewhat behind schedule; we were only supposed to stop for 20 minutes!

Anyway, having repaired it successfully we had a very smooth drive down to Stirling - although the weather was getting a bit more threatening.

We left Stirling very late, but had caught up sufficiently by the time we reached Gledrid to relax somewhat.

I understand that the drive though Wales was very enjoyable too, but I was asleep - even for the bit through the tunnel, when I'm sure Janey must have sounded superb.

The Bristol group of the Triumph 2000 Register turned up in force at Gordano services - at 4am! Now that's what I call dedication. And it was really good to know that other people valued what we were doing sufficiently to disturb their beauty sleep.

Then we really got some weather! I don't think I've ever seen rain like we had in Devon in the early hours of Sunday morning. It was reminiscent of a monsoon - but colder. And we had thought that the rain on Friday night was bad!

More to come...