Sunday, 11 April 2010

Club Triumph Round Britain Runs

2014 will be my twelfth RBRR, 30 years after the first one. Can't wait!

My previous runs were:

1984 Mk1 2.5PI saloon DPA 120H "Mark" (the first Mk1 PI to do the run). My co-driver was Roddy Pratt.

1986 Mk2 2.5PI saloon LPG 292K "Fizz" (we were planning to take the factory prototype Mk1 PI KWK 546F but failed to get it ready in time). My co-driver was Roddy Pratt again.

1988 Mk2 2.5PI saloon LPG 292K "Fizz". Roddy Pratt was my co-driver for the third time.

1990 Mk2 2000 estate LPB 424K "Holly" (holed a piston near Penzance but still finished). This time my co-driver was my wife, Maggie Roberts.

1996 Mk2 2000 estate LPB 424K "Holly" again (by this time it had a 2500 engine). My co-driver was Adrian Ayres.

1998 Del Lines Stag Estate TNH 10. Friends and relatives also did the 1998 run, in LPB 424K. The six drivers were Andy Roberts, Maggie Roberts, Chris Roberts, Brian Stone, Adrian Ayres and Roddy Pratt.

2002 Mk2 'facelift' 2.5PI saloon GHX 273N "Freddie", seen here alonside Tim Hunt's TR at Land's End. My co-drivers were Phil Gibbons and Chris Roberts.
2004 Mk2 'facelift' 2.5PI saloon GHX 273N "Freddie" again. The same drivers as 2002 (Andy Roberts, Chris Roberts and Phil Gibbons) took part.

2008 Del Lines Stag Saloon JNY 590N "Janey", seen here after the run with some of my work colleagues (including Phil, one of my co-drivers) who sponsored us. The other co-driver was Chris Roberts, my son.
2010 Del Lines Stag Saloon JNY 590N "Janey" again. This time the co-drivers were Phil Gibbons and Peter Clapp. Here's a photo at John O'Groats ...
... and one overlooking Dornoch Firth.

2012 Del Lines Stag Saloon JNY 590N "Janey". The crew was the same as 2010, namely Andy Roberts, Phil Gibbons and Peter Clapp. Here's a photo at the Plough before the start, in very good company with Matt George's 2000 (2500) and Amanda Johnson's lovely early 2500S Estate.
Another photo at John O'Groats, but at a different "First and Last" establishment!
Notice that Janey now has the correct "blue top tint" windscreen fitted, and the chrome trims are on too! Perhaps I'll manage to fit the sill trims in time for the next run.

Runs missed

We unfortunately missed some of the runs, for a variety of reasons:
1992 We had just moved to Devon and were setting up a garage business.
1994 Our garage (Lake Garage, Sourton, Devon) was one of the stops on the 1994 run.
2000 I was away in the USA on business (very bad planning, I know).
2006 The PI developed engine trouble during a continental trip 2 weeks before the event and I didn't have time to fix it before the run.

Big 6 models NOT owned

After boasting last week that I had owned at least one of every 'big six' model, it seems that I was mistaken. I don't seem to have owned either a 2500TC estate or a 2500S estate!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Triumph 2000s I have owned

Most of these have long since gone to the great scrapyard in the sky. Those known to survive are marked with an asterisk. I'm sure I will have forgotten some, because there were so many - and my memory is not what it used to be, even for registration numbers! As and when I remember more of them, I'll edit this post. I'll also try to find some photos.

FPC 83B 1964 Mk1 2000 saloon, manual o/d, olive / cactus, "Bee"

FBL 489C 1965 Mk1 2000 saloon, manual o/d, conifer / red, my first Triumph, bought in 1974

MPG 207D 1966 Mk1 pre-facelift 2000 estate, auto, white / black, "Jasper"

HEB 692F 1967 Mk1 2000 estate, manual o/d, valencia / tan

SPD 509F 1967 Mk1 2000 estate, manual o/d, gunmetal / light tan

KWK 546F 1967 Mk1 2.5PI estate, manual o/d, conifer / red, pre-production (X769) *

PCR 493G 1968 Mk1 2000 saloon, auto, wedgwood / light blue

VLL 645G 1968 Mk1 2000 saloon, manual o/d, damson / black, "Humphrey" - racing car *

VLR 364G 1968 Mk1 2000 saloon, auto, valencia / black

DPA 120H 1969 Mk1 2.5PI saloon, manual o/d, jasmine / black, "Mark"

REL 616H 1969 Mk1 2.5PI estate, manual o/d, jasmine / black, "The Relic"

APF 459H 1969 Mk1 2.5PI estate, manual o/d, valencia / tan *

CPH 737H 1969 Mk2 2.5PI estate, auto, valencia / tan

VCV 734H 1970 Mk2 2000 saloon, auto, damson (now 2.5 manual o/d) *

LPB 424K 1972 Mk2 2000 estate, manual o/d, emerald / black, "Holly"

LPG 292K 1972 Mk2 2.5PI saloon, manual o/d, mallard / black, "Fizz"

XLJ 683K 1972 Mk2 2000 saloon, damson / tan

OPH 189L 1972 Mk2 2.5PI saloon, auto, pimento / black, "Baby"

DEE 540L 1972 Mk2 2.5PI saloon, manual o/d, honeysuckle / chestnut, "Pumpkin"

JHO 939N 1974 Mk2 2000TC estate, manual o/d, carmine / light tan, "The Jolly Green Giant"

TNH 10 1974 Del Lines Stag Estate, manual o/d, jaguar azure blue / light tan (now JJH 818N) *

JNY 590N 1975 Del Lines Stag Saloon, manual o/d, mimosa / black, "Janey" *

GHX 273N 1975 Mk2 facelift 2.5PI saloon, auto, carmine / chestnut, "Freddie"

NNH 414P 1976 2500S saloon, manual o/d, honeysuckle / chestnut, "Charlie"

UVU 205S 1977 2500S saloon, auto, inca / black

EUD 109S 1977 2500S saloon, tahiti blue / black
(This car was the last big saloon off the production line, MP10228DLO. It had serious damage to the nearside, inflicted by a Sainsbury's lorry, but was otherwise in good condition. We broke it for spares before we realised what it was... today we might have tried to repair it.)


This is Janey after completing the 2008 Club Triumph Round Britain Run. We only just got her finished in time to take part, and I foolishly did what I always tell everyone else not to do; I did not plan things properly and was left with too much to do in too little time as the date of the run approached. Without the help of friends such as Adrian, Alan, Bill and Phil we wouldn't have made it. And if I hadn't been so exhausted, we wouldn't have had the ignition troubles that plagued us during the run!

I am only the second owner of this car; it was built for Michael Hooper, who was Del Lines' rally navigator. He wanted a Stag but was too tall to fit into one - he hit his head on the roll-over bar, even when the seat was as low as it would go. So Del built him a "Stag Saloon". I bought the car in 1986 with about 80,000 miles on the clock and proceeded to do another 90,000 miles in the next three years! Then the dreaded rust caused an MoT failure, and she was taken off the road.

As Janey was, and still is, such a special car, scrapping her was not an option; she followed us around whenever we moved and even had the indignity of having to watch while we bought and restored a Del Lines Stag Estate, while she languished in the background getting even rustier. While it would have been fantastic to have kept both the saloon and the estate - what a classic pair that would have been - reality and limited finances meant that we had to choose one of the two and we chose Janey. So the estate was sold and the restoration began - very, very slowly at first.

Taking part in the run was the culmination of a restoration that took about 5 years to complete and cost a truly embarrassing amount of money. The car passed its first MoT for 19 years just two days before the run. Do as I say, not as I do - don't cut things this fine. It really isn't a good idea and I most certainly won't do it again. I can feel all the stress coming back just writing this! I think I'll go away and wash the car for a bit of relaxation. She might even get polished too - but perhaps that might be going too far.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


After being in the computer industry for nearly 40 years I have finally taken the plunge and started a blog. This really is scary! What took me so long? Just getting round to it, I suppose. And perhaps the fear that it might take up too much time in my already extremely busy life.

This is supposed to be a Triumph-related blog, and I will try to keep to that theme.

I am a fan of the Triumph 2000 range of cars, made by Standard-Triumph Ltd. in the UK between 1963 and 1977. I first came into contact with these fine cars in 1972, when a friend bought a 1965 2000 saloon from another friend's father. Being mechanically minded, I got to look after this car, and even got to drive it occasionally. When he got a company car in 1974, my friend offered me the Triumph - and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the next post I will try to list all the Triumph 2000 range cars that I have owned. There are quite a few of them; I think I have owned at least one example of every single model!

My current car is "Janey", a 2000 saloon with a Stag V8 engine, built by Ian "Del" Lines of Atlantic Garage, Weston-super-Mare in 1975, which I have owned since 1986. I expect I'll be writing quite a lot about that car in future posts.